Monday, July 9, 2012

Scouttie-Pie Daisey-Pants (official name)

 We have a puppy! We have had puppies in the past, and for one reason(not so smart, barkey) or another(would not listen, bitty, etc.), we (I) have given them new homes.
I have seen the light and know that I should have started with a lab! Scout is so smart, and sweet and retrieving already! I'm loving her to death! We do have some work. She thinks the fur rug is a toilet, nips Ellie playfully, and is teething on our hands. But I am die-ing to get a photo of Scout biting onto the seat of Ellie's pants. You know the Coppertone sunblock girl with the dog biting her swimsuit bottom? Well I have sworn all along that Ellie looks like Drew Barrymore especially in ET. I heard somewhere that that was Drew Barrymore on the Coppertone bottle picture, I totally get a live reenactment of that every day. Just so stinkin' cute! I hope I can catch a picture.

We also still have our super awesome kitty-boy Jack-Jack. Somehow we have lucked out and have THE best pets EVER!

*Note: I'm not even going to mention the fact that it has been like a couple years since I blogged last! Yikes! Michelle White, thanks for inspiring me to blog again!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Almost Forgot How to Blog

Ellie loves to color. On anything:

Humm.... Mustachio!

My sister Robin is so creative. She inspires me to be crafty! Here is the super cute hair-do she gave Ellie the other day. I love having her watch Ellie. She always comes back cuter than I left her! (Robin made the bows too by the way)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's that Time of Year Again!

Back to school!

Isobel, Ian and I have enjoyed the beautiful weather so far this year and have taken our bikes to school almost every day! The kids are happy so far at school. Ellie misses her siblings all day though and calls for them all over the house. She has learned how to say school(cool).


N9ne(nine)the delicious steak house we went to with work.

In front of our hotel, the Bellagio. Wow, we've got fountains.

They personalized out 4th desert plate at L'Atalier!

Mike and I were able to sneak away to Vegas for the last weekend before school stared. Lynette was great enough to watch Isobel and (still breastfeeding) Ellie and Ian had a blast with his cousin at my mom's house. So with the children taken care of... It was so much fun to get away just Mike and I! We went to see Penn and Teller. It was pretty cool. At one point, Penn threw a foil ball into the audience and Mike caught it! We also went to "O". The cirque du soleil show. It was actually really cool(did you hear that Kacy?)! The stage was a pool and people exited stage down! They went under the water and disappeared! Also very cool, Mike and I celebrated our 11th anniversary at L'Atalier de Joel Robuchon an amazing experience. We did the tasting menu. I didn't understand the lingo on the menu and ended up eating muscles(amazingly seasoned-the sous chef took about 10 minutes sprinkling herbs and spices evenly over it), squid(chewy), clams(tasted like the smell of Monterey), and foie gras(actually I enjoyed the smooth and rich texture of the duck liver. It was in a ravioli and the foie gras burst out into your mouth and it was amazing). And last, but not least, the last night I tried my hand at Craps and won $500.00! Lucky! The table guy happened to be helping me too. That might have had something to do with it :) .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I've Found in Ellie's Nose

*blanket fuzz
*toilet paper
*paper napkin
*macaroni noodle
*tuna fish

-and this is just this week! I'm sure glad I saved the booger-sucker( I think the proper term is bulb syringe) from her birth!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been WAY too long!!!


We got to go to Mrs. Mullikin's cabin in Greagle (Grey-Eagle). It was her amazing, 4 year long, do-it-yourself project! The place was beautiful. We had such a nice time there. The kids got to do a scavenger hunt and we ate a billion s'mores! Mrs. Mullikin was a very welcoming hostess.

Churro came to play:

Kacy and her crew came to visit! They were here for nearly a month. We love being with them. Florida is too far away! We'll just have to come and visit you in a few days! Mike, Ellie and I are flying to Orlando on Saturday! We can't seem to stay away from them for too long!

All the cousins played and played:

Edmond turned 2!:

We stayed 'till closing at the "Creek Park":

Molly got a new Guide Dog puppy to train. Here is Trevino!:

The kids enjoyed their Swim Lessons:

We splashed in the water at Spoto park:

We took a weekend and went to Monterey. We went to the aquarium, and the cool Dennis the Mennis park:

The jet tub in the bedroom at our hotel!!!

Cool train you can climb on.

I have found time for myself and crocheted a new iPhone purse (a little larger than the first one. You can never have TOO big of a purse. It is still a little small):

And Ellie is still chubby and cute!:

I nominate this picture that Mike took as the "Latest Cutest picture of Ellie".

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Ellie

Just wanted to share my latest cute pictures of Ellie: